Interested in a Home Automation System but have no idea where to start or begin? We are here to help! For no cost or obligation, we will meet with you, review your plans or walk your existing home and provide various design solutions based on scalable automated systems built around how you and your family live. Do you want a simple low cost Living Room Home Theater System with an easy to use remote control and Zone 2 audio for the common and patio areas? How about a dedicated Man Cave / Theater Room? Or even better yet, let us design an affordable Home Automation System for you. Control all aspects of your automated home using your TV’s Navigation Screen, handheld Remote Control, wall mounted Touch Screen or your Apple or Android device. Free up your wall space by tucking all of your homes electronic components out of sight.  Hang a TV on the wall and add surround sound speakers for a true in home theater experience. Share all your audio & video sources, such as Blu-ray DVD, Cable or Satellite TV, Apple TV or Internet Streaming Content (like Netflix, Pandora or Hulu), from any TV in your home. Want to listen to your iTunes library? No problem. Select and play audio or video content from your iTunes account on any TV in your home. Adjust your HVAC, turn on the Pool lights and Spa, adjust your home’s lighting, close the blinds, turn on the alarm and lock the doors before you go to bed by simply pressing the sleep button on your Master Bedroom lighting keypad switch. Even control your system remotely using a compatible smart phone via a secure encrypted 3G or 4G connection. These are just a few examples of how a smart automated home can work for you.

Contact AV Specialists today and schedule a free consultation to see what manufacture and system design may best suit your needs and budget.

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